Career Exploration

Ask any kindergartener what they want to be when they grown up and you’re bound to get answers such as: fireman, ballerina, superhero, or astronaut.  Thinking about future careers starts early and is important!  Through our rigorous academic program, we give students the tools necessary to discover their interests and talents, all the while building their sense of self-fulfillment.   Helping children achieve self-fulfillment greatly benefits children as they develop.  The later development of skills related to career awareness, career exploration, and skill development can be magnified through the early development of the skills that will be needed for this career awareness

God may also be calling some of our students to discern a religious calling, either by following a path to priesthood or consecrated life.  At Blessed Sacrament, we routinely pray for vocations and encourage our students to listen to God’s voice in their hearts.