Blessed Sacrament is a member of the Lincoln Catholic Schools’ Conference. Blessed Sacrament’s sports program is maintained in order to teach the student sportsmanship skills, and self-confidence. The goal is to maximize participation of all students. The sports program is organized by an elected Athletic Committee.

The following sports are offered:

Grades 7-8 boy’s cross country (fall), basketball (winter), track (spring), golf (spring).

Grades 7-8 girl’s cross country (fall), volleyball (fall), basketball (winter), track (spring) and golf (spring).

*note: if there are not enough students to assemble a team, we have opportunities to join with other schools, this is especially for cross country and golf.

Student Requirements for Participation

-Student’s participating in sports must maintain a 70% GPA. Students with 2 or more detentions in a week may be ineligible to play in their next game.

-Sportsmanlike behavior is expected of all Blessed Sacrament students at all times.

Parent Requirement for Participation

-Sportsmanlike behavior is expected of all Blessed Sacrament parents at all times.

-Parents that have students participating in Blessed Sacrament Athletics are required to sign up and work at least one (1) home game.




Click on the link below to go to the Catholic Youth Sports Informer (CYSI) Website for information on sports at Blessed Sacrament and throughout the Diocese of Lincoln