Blessed Sacrament is a member of the Lincoln Catholic Schools’ Conference. Blessed Sacrament’s sports program is maintained in order to teach the student sportsmanship skills, and self-confidence. The goal is to maximize participation of all students. The sports program is organized by an elected Athletic Committee.

The following sports are offered:

Grades 7-8 boy’s basketball & track

Grades 7-8 girl’s volleyball, basketball, and track

Student Requirements for Participation

-Student’s participating in sports must maintain a 70% GPA. Students with 2 or more detentions in a week may be ineligible to play in their next game.

-Sportsmanlike behavior is expected of all Blessed Sacrament students at all times.

Parent Requirement for Participation

-Sportsmanlike behavior is expected of all Blessed Sacrament parents at all times.

-Parents that have students participating in Blessed Sacrament Athletics are required to sign up and work at least one (1) home game.


ATHLETIC DIRECTORs: Mark Stoley 476-6202 Rochelle Oglesby 476-6202


Click on the link below to go to the Catholic Youth Sports Informer (CYSI) Website for information on sports at Blessed Sacrament and throughout the Diocese of Lincoln