How Can I Help?

Blessed Sacrament School is a Parochial School.  That means we belong to our parish.  We are heavily supported by it, through financial contributions parishioners make.  One of the best ways you can support our school is to be an active steward in our parish.  It is because of the generosity of our parish family that we can so heavily invest in Catholic education.  Without our stewardship families, it would be very difficult to maintain the level of excellence that we have come to enjoy in our school.

There are many other ways in which you can help Blessed Sacrament School.  One way is by simply purchasing SCRIP.  SCRIP is a program that was created to help churches and schools in their fundraising efforts. At Blessed Sacrament, we sell SCRIP gift certificates to over 80 stores in the Lincoln area. When you shop with SCRIP, businesses donate a portion of your gift certificate (up to 30%) directly to Blessed Sacrament, all at no additional charge to you, the customer. So, just make your regular household purchases that you would make anyway with SCRIP and help Blessed Sacrament in the process.

Another way to support our school is to attend our yearly endowment fundraiser, Table For Ten.  Income from this endowment supports Blessed Sacrament Catholic School in Lincoln. The endowment fund is administered by The Catholic Foundation of the Diocese of Lincoln.  The endowment was established to create a long term funding mechanism to offset operational expenses. Earnings from the endowment are used to support ongoing operations at the Blessed Sacrament Catholic School so that we can ensure the ongoing success of our school in providing a Catholic based education to our parish’s children.

Our largest fundraiser of the year, Fest Quest, is held in October of each year.  This fun event combines fundraising, fellowship, and fun into one large family event.  This fundraiser raises money for various building maintenance projects.  It is imperative that we have full parish support each year either by attendance, by donations, or by volunteering.

As a parent, you are also strongly encouraged to be involved with Blessed Sacrament’s PTO group.  The PTO contributes assistance and materials in support of the educational mission of Blessed Sacrament School.  Students receive maximum benefit when all parents are active and attend meetings.

Finally, if you have extra time, we can always use parents to volunteer at school!  We love having parents assist us with playground duty, lunchroom duty, or various other tasks in the building.  For more information on how to help, contact Mrs. Molly Cassiday  at 402-476-6202.