Your seventh or eight grade student may be buzzing with excitement over the prospect of learning how to play the guitar!  If you have strolled by the music room lately, maybe you have even caught a glimpse of several guitars, all perched perfectly inside a new hand made guitar rack!  Mr. Ryan Castle has been working on this project to help enrich our students with a new music experience.  He adds:
“Guitar is an instrument that I feel can help inspire students and engage them in learning music. I know from my personal experience in junior high, learning to play the guitar took my passion for music to a whole new level. It is my goal to give that same experience to the junior high students at Blessed Sacrament School.
Thanks to St. Patrick School in Lincoln, I will soon make playing guitar at Blessed Sacrament a reality. They have loaned us 10 guitars, I’ve acquired 2 from faculty members and one electric guitar of my own for a total of 13 guitars. Some student are bringing their own from home so there will be enough to go around.
The biggest obstacle I had was where to store them all. After doing some research, I found plans online for racks made out of PVC pipe that were half the cost of purchasing racks. Once I landed on the plans I liked I spent a Sunday afternoon constructing three racks that hold five guitars a piece.
Students were already excited to start playing guitar but seeing the row of guitars along the wall has really ramped up that excitement. We are doing some introductory lessons with 7th and 8th grade before Christmas break and we’ll continue lessons through the remainder of the school year. Students will be able to sign up for practice times during study hall and after school starting second semester.”
Thank you, Mr. Castle, for your dedication to our students!