Our Families

Our diverse family and student population are the backbone of our school community.  We welcome all walks of life to come together and learn with and from each other, forming lifelong bonds of friendship while fostering a love of learning.  Together with the faculty at Blessed Sacrament, our school families unite to ensure our kids’ success in all academic endeavors, while volunteering our time, talent, and treasure for the benefit of our children.

We view Blessed Sacrament as more than just a school, we view it as a second family for students and parents.  We are blessed to be entrusted to educate your children.  We share the commitment, wisdom and gifts of parents by inviting them to work with the students, teachers and administration, both directly and indirectly. We believe that this level of partnership in education leads to the development of a strong faith community, builds a safe environment and fosters reverence for the unique value of each person.

“Our oldest, Kevin, started kindergarten with Mrs. Bohaty in August 1990!  We have had someone at Blessed Sacrament ever since, one year there were five Matterns attending.  Blessed Sacrament has had a huge impact on our family.  Not only did they get a wonderful education but we feel they really learned virtue and saw holiness in action there.” -Maureen Mattern