Key Facts About Us

Students: 153

Year established: 1926

Faculty & Staff: 25

Average class size: 15 students

A Note from Mrs. Tran

I made my first official visit with Naomi this last Monday, which happened to be her original due date. It was such a joy to see the reaction of all the students when they saw how tiny Naomi was. I gave those who guessed her gender correctly a little piece of candy, and I was very impressed with the students who didn’t receive candy—they were content with being able to see little Naomi. I plan to be back a few afternoons a week with Miss Naomi in tow, and although being home with her and my husband has been wonderful, it’s so fulfilling to be back at school with our wonderful staff and students even part-time!



In the climate of the Gospel values, we strive to provide academic excellence as we serve as a school community and proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ.


To Know, Love and Serve God

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