Key Facts About Us

Students: 152

Year established: 1926

Faculty & Staff: 25

Average class size: 15 students

A Note from Mrs. Tran

I had the pleasure of receiving an email from a parent who requested one of our teachers receive a Positive Office Referral. I have no idea if this parent knew that we did extend our program to teachers this year or not, but I was so excited to have the chance to give a POR to a teacher through a parent nomination. This parent (don’t worry, I will keep you anonymous!) took a little stumble on the way back to his/her car from dropping of a child. One of our teachers, who was walking her students to Mass at the time, triple checked to make sure this parent was okay and offered a trip to the office to get some ice. This was such an excellent model for her class and clearly appreciated by this parent! Please know that if you’d ever like to email me about a Positive Office Referral nomination for a teacher or staff member when you catch them going above and beyond, it is always very welcome. We have an amazing staff here, and the more we can celebrate them, the better!




In the climate of the Gospel values, we strive to provide academic excellence as we serve as a school community and proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ.


To Know, Love and Serve God

Our News & Announcements

No School Friday, Dec. 8

No school due to the Immaculate Conception--make sure you make it to Mass with your children!