Below are all school-related forms and documents for Blessed Sacrament Families.


BSS Parent Handbook 21-22

Tuition Statement 2021-22

General School forms

Blessed Sacrament Extended Care Policy2021

Ext Care Application Form 2020-21

Medication Authorization 2020-21

Scrip Order Form

Pre-K Information

Pre-kindergarten Brochure

Blessed Sacrament PreK handbook



  • Skirts/Jumpers: They must be the older or current Blessed Sacrament plaid ordered through Dennis Uniform. Skirts and jumpers should be no more than one inch above the knee, and shorts should be worn underneath in order for students to play freely and modestly during recess and PE. Leggings/tights under skirts/jumpers must be solid black, gray, navy, or white.
    • The newer BSS plaid will be the only option starting the 2023-2024 school year.
  • Pants/Shorts: They must be khaki or navy, not excessively tight, and shorts no higher than mid-thigh. Pants/shorts are limited to one of the following: Dickies, Cat & Jack, Land’s End, Dennis.
    • Pants or leggings under skirts/jumpers/shorts must be worn November 1 through March 1 due to cold weather conditions.
  • Polos: They must be gray, navy, white, or red (short or long-sleeve) polos. No long-sleeve t-shirts are to be worn underneath polos and shirts must be tucked in. Newly purchased polos are limited to one of the following in navy, gray, or white:
    • Dickiesmaterial: pique/performance; colors: dark/night navy, heather gray, white
      • Email: [email protected], Password: blessedsacrament
      • School ID for phone orders: e0e57c8b8a
      • There is also the option to order them through a personal account
    • Land’s End—use this link to access the Blessed Sacrament store
    • Dennis—use this link to access the Blessed Sacrament store
    • Cat & Jackmaterial: jersey/pique; colors: navy, white. Correct shade of gray polo only comes in pique material.
  • Sweatshirts/Cardigan: Sweatshirts must be the light gray BSS crew neck or quarter zip or dark gray BSS quarter zip that can be ordered through the front office near the beginning of the school year. A gray cardigan may also be worn in a Land’s End or Dennis brand. Additional non-uniform sweatshirts may only be worn during recess.
    • Land’s End: Charcoal Heather Women’s Cotton Polyester V-neck Pocket Cardigan
    • Dennis: Heather Gray V-Neck Button Front
    • Cat & Jack: Heather Gray Girls Cardigan Sweater

Tuition and Scholarships: Please make an appointment with Father Morin to discuss Scholarships and Tuition assistance.  The rectory phone number is 402-474-4249.


Athletic information and forms 2019-2020 *For 7th and 8th grade students

7th Grade physical form    ALL incoming 7th graders AND 8th graders participating in athletics

Concussion and brain injury information

Archery Registration Letter

Chaperone forms

All volunteers need to complete the “A Safe Environments Program” prior to completing the background check.  In addition to this, if you are driving for a field trip, you must also complete the “Defensive Driving Curriculum” program.  These two programs can be found on


  1. Click on the link
  2. Log into an existing account OR create a new account.
  3. Select “Curriculum” on the left side of the page.
  4. Scroll down to “A Safe Environment Program” (for ALL volunteers).
  5. For drivers, please also complete “Defensive Driving Curriculum”.  The instructions needed for this course can be found here.

After these requirements are met, you may then proceed to completing the background check below.  All paperwork and courses MUST be completed at least TWO WEEKS prior to a field trip.

background check