Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)

The PTO contributes assistance and materials in support of the educational mission of Blessed Sacrament School.  Students receive maximum benefit when all parents are active and attend meetings. Meetings are held in the school gym quarterly.

The general PTO meeting is conducted according to an agenda. The agenda is determined at the officer’s board meeting. Issues raised that are not on the agenda will be tabled until the next meeting. Many times parents have issues they want discussed at the General Meeting. Parents are always welcome to address these issues through the following procedure:

  1. Prior to the Board Meeting call the President and ask to address the board.
  2. Attend the Board Meeting and present your concern.
  3. The board will decide if the item is to appear on the agenda.
  4. Your name will appear on the agenda as the presenter.
  5. You must attend the General Meeting and present your concern.
  6. The general assembly will discuss the item and determine what action should be taken.

Board Meetings and General Meetings are listed on the school calendar.