Catholic schools in the Diocese of Lincoln operate primarily on the financial contributions of parishioners of supporting parishes.  Tuition only covers approximately 10% of the costs associated with a child’s education.  Whereas public schools are funded through taxes, Catholic schools do not receive any direct financial assistance from the city or state.  It is the work of the entire Catholic community to ensure that children have access to a Catholic education.

Through the generosity of Blessed Sacrament Parish, they offer those who are registered within the Parish or supporting Parish, the Parish Scholarship.  The goal of this scholarship is to make a Catholic education attainable for any family regardless of their ability to pay.  For example:

The cost to educate one child per year:  $8,200

Parish scholarship:                                     $5,225

Family responsibility:                                   $2,975

We also welcome non-Catholic children and those who are not registered within the Parish or supporting parish with a $1,000 addition to the tuition cost:                         $3,975

For more information on tuition, please refer to the Tuition Statement 2024-2025.